Well you're about to learn all about who we are and why we're special

At Granola Kitchen, we’re a great big, soft-baked, happy family!

We’ve developed our yummilicious range of soft granola in our kitchen for you to enjoy in yours (or wherever you choose to munch). We’re a family business based in South Manchester and we’re on a mission to change the idea that granola has to be hard, brittle and bland. Starting from humble beginnings, our homemade, soft-baked granola has been our breakfast staple for nearly a decade and so we thought we’d share it with you.

And yes… we still eat our own granola for our breakfast.

We started selling our granola within the community and this quickly grew to widespread demand for us to produce our unique granola for the public to buy online. We’re still passionate about getting out in front of our customers as we believe feedback, good or bad, is crucial to our growth.

There’s nothing similar on the market and our soft-baked, flavoursome, natural granola makes for a perfect breakfast or fast snack on the go. You can even use it to make yummilicious creations in your kitchen and we’re always working on more products to give you even more fantastic flavours.

Our yummilicious Honey & Cinnamon flavour granola recipe was created by David my son, some time ago. David used to be a chef and created the recipe for himself, as he wanted to improve on the hard, dry, brittle tasteless granola out there.  So I, together with my family have actually been eating this yummilicious product for breakfast virtually every day for nearly a decade.

The story is, that during lockdown when David had little or no income coming in, his mum Janice suggested that since the granola he was eating was so tasty and enjoyable, maybe other people would like it too, and possibly buy it.

And so began our journey, a journey which has gone from strength to strength, with our customers repeatedly coming back for more.

By the way, my name is Mike. I’m David’s dad and that’s my claim to fame!

Our soft-baked honey and cinnamon granola is a real health food that’s pure, there’s no e-numbers or additives here! The natural sweetness you will taste is coming directly from the honey, sultanas, coconut and cinnamon and what’s more, our yummilicious granola is handcrafted just for you!

Usually, granola is hard, dry and brittle and often lacks in flavour. Not only is this normal, brittle granola hard to eat and tough on your teeth and digestive system, but it’s also tasteless and bland.

At Granola Kitchen, we promise to deliver to you the softest, tastiest most satisfying, yummilicious granola you’ll ever taste! We just know you’re going to love it right away and after you’ve tasted that very first spoonful you’ll never go back to hard brittle granola again

Here at Granola Kitchen, we care about everything we do, from the health and hygiene of our products to the fragile environment that we work in. We take our responsibility very serious so that you can enjoy Granola Kitchen’s yummilicious soft-baked granola with confidence.

Additionally, we are mindful of the effect our business has on the environment and continually strive to improve our respect for nature.  All our products are packed in compostable and bio-degradable packaging so when you place the wrapper in the bin it will decompose naturally and reduce any harm to the environment.

But this is just the start of our journey and we endeavour to improve our sustainability in an ongoing process of improvement.