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Such delicious granola, I definitely recommend! It’s waaaaay tastier (and healthier) than any shop bought granola and you’re also supporting a local business at the same time - win win!

Emma Beaumont

Really tasty granola... I tried this at the Makers market in Didsbury and it hit the right spot!

Tanya Lonsdale

I wasn’t a fan of granola until I tried this one! So much flavour! It’s a game changer for me, I had to buy some in the end. Thank you for making me try the sample

Jody James

The best granola I have ever tried and also nice to be supporting a local business!

Grace Calvert

Amazing granola, delicious, tasty, nourishing and made with love......

Lynsey Lowdon

Great experience at the makers market at the weekend. The granola is healthy and tastes homemade - very different to what you can buy in the shops.
I would definitely recommend a visit and to buy.

Sophie Smith

Really love the granola. Kids like it too xx

Jennifer Rabstaff

Amazing granola, Love it!

Zoe Farebrother

Do you know what's best about this? It's how soft it is. I'm done with hard granola, wary of breaking my teeth! It has a home baked taste, with just the right amount of everything, so that it's not overpowered by one flavour. I have to admit though, my daughter wasn't a fan because it was soft but she did admit that it tasted lovely. Who says granola needs to be hard? Rubbish!!

Yvonne Woodcock

I came across Granola Kitchen at the Makers Market in Manchester in December, I loved the sample so just had to buy, it is so good! Not just for breakfast, I find myself snacking with it in the afternoon too. It’s the only Granola I will eat now, so soft and really tasty, I highly recommend!

Jennifer Bishop

Bought some of this granola at Chester makers market, based on a sample I tried - I thought I didn't really like granola! I was wrong - now I don't have anything else for my breakfast!!

Kathryn Mcniece

Love the granola. Love the taste and is a great snack that doesn't need to be a breakfast food

Adam levene

I love granola but a lot of the shop bought stuff is rock hard and like eating gravel. The soft baked granola from Granola kitchen is GORGEOUS!! Its easily the nicest granola I have eaten. I tried a small bag and was hooked right away, just bought 2kg of it in case I run out honestly can't rate this stuff highly enough!

Mark Barlow

Flippin love this stuff!
My jaw always aches after shop bought granola but this stuff not only solves that problem but is also 10/10 tasty. Completely recommend!

Beth Cook

Absolutely delicious, quick easy and healthy. Deffo recommend!

Jane Atkinson

As most others have said, the best thing about this granola is that it's actually soft enough to eat! I tried a sample at the Artisan Markets in Preston and couldn't leave without a bag to take home. Gorgeous

Vicki Ellison

After finding this delicious granola at a market in Great Northern, Manchester, when I ran out I knew I had to order more. Such a professional, friendly service. The tastiest granola!

Ashley Louise

Best granola we have tried and have even been to kenyons farm shop to buy more until we can get to another craft fair to stock up again x well done x well worth the money x

Karen Siddall

We love the granola and everyone who stays with us and tries it asks us get them a bag! We order it to our house which is so handy in the pandemic. It’s always hand delivered by David. It’s so tasty and versatile, would highly recommend.

Raana Xenia

Amazing with fruit and natural yoghurt. Delicious

Hannah Rachel

This is fabulous. I love the product all the natural ingredients, delicious taste. Great product, would recommend it to everybody.
Great with a little bit of Greek yoghurt

Pauline White

The best granola I’ve ever had. Love how soft and chewy it is, just a shame I have to share it with the kids who are also crazy about it!

Rosie May

Once you have tried this granola you will never buy any other. It’s packed full of fruit and flavours. My whole family loves it. I even send some to wales for my mum. We buy ours from the artisan market in wilmslow. Thank you so much. I’ve met the owners of the company and they are lovely. Please support small business, they need us. See you next month x

Jayne Maloney

This granola is the bestest tasting granola I've ever had. I was very fortunate to have been given a pack to try and oh my it's wonderful, delicious and soft! Would highly recommend everyone to try you will not be disappointed. Will definitely be purchasing some from now on. Thank you Janice so much for the freebie (Jeanette at The Square Dental)

Nanna Netty

Gorgeous soft baked granola.

Claire Grover

My dad likes Granola so I managed to get hold of this and he absolutely loved it. Delicious.

Joel Cooper-Smith

I purchased at Trentham Market. I’d seen they would be there from the market’s Facebook page and knew I would need to stop by. I was pleasantly surprised by them providing samples for everyone to try. They tasted simply fantastic so I knew I had to buy some. Breakfast this morning was outstanding, served with vanilla Alpro yogurt to allow the granola’s taste to shine through.

Emma Dakers

Lovely product. Most granola's for me are far too hard.
I really love the soft texture and great flavour of this stuff. Well done.

Gary Barker

Great taste, natural ingredients and not messed about with. Superb service to get the delivery to me despite courier issues. Thank you!!

Chris Wilson

I picked up this granola from Knutsford Makers Market. I purchased the gluten free version as I suffer with intolerances. I highly recommend it, I have been having it most mornings with fat free yogurt. It’s delicious. It’s not super high in calories like most granolas as I like to track my calories on MyFitness pal. I’ll definitely be picking more up from the farm shops nearby. ☺️

Kelly Woods

Absolutely beautiful breakfast! So glad to see you guys at every treacle market in Macc! I always buy for my mum in Northern Ireland and bring it home to her! Lovely people too! Highly recommended!

Lynsey Chatham